Case study: Atlanta
Visitors to Atlanta can explore the city and its marquee attractions using a single app.
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Channels are available for the following types of organizations
Convention & Visitor Bureaus
Chambers of Commerce
Destination Management Orgs
Museums, Zoos, & Aquariums
National Parks
State Parks
State Tourism Departments
Historical Associations
Tour Guide Associations
Publishing Companies
Colleges & Universities
Tour Operators
Is your organization looking for a way to offer visitors interactive mobile content?

Create a tour channel on MyTourGuide and within a matter of hours you will be able to offer your visitors cutting-edge interactive mobile and web experiences.Channels are only available to official organizations that represent travel destinations, venues or tour guide associations.

A channel is like a custom homepage that features an interactive map where you can showcase your official itineraries and tours and provide travel information about your destination.

When a visitor launches your channel on their mobile device, it essentially takes over the app. The only thing the visitor sees in your channel is the content and information you create and approve.

You can also link your channel with other channels in your community and create a powerful way to attract and retain visitors. By allowing travelers to explore each channel within the same app, the visitor can easily transition from one attraction to another.

Channel features
Interactive maps
Mobile tours
Points of interest
Travel information
Augmented reality content

What does it cost?

It’s free. MyTourGuide is an open, free platform for creating and delivering mobile tour content. If you want to earn income from your channel, you have the option to offer some or all of your content for sale. You receive a portion of all sales in your channel. If you want to offer all of your content for free, that’s fine too. There are many other professional tour guides and organizations around the world who are creating content for sale and we all benefit from your participation.

Contact us. We can can answer your questions and set you up with a channel today.